New Report: How Our Next Mayor Should Tackle Sandy Rebuilding

The Alliance for a Just Rebuilding published a report today recommending how New York's next mayor should integrate community and economic justice into  post-Sandy rebuilding efforts.  They prioritized the following four points: 

 1. Our Next Mayor Should Ensure that Sandy Recovery and Rebuilding Dollars Create Thousands of Good Local Jobs

2. Our Next Mayor Should Restore Lost Affordable Housing, and Create New Affordable Housing for Displaced Residents to Preserve Community Ties

3. Our Next Mayor Should Invest in Clean, Sustainable Energy Infrastructure that Values Communities and is Accountable to the Public

4. Our Next Mayor Should Include and Engage Communities in Sandy Recovery –and in Planning NYC’s Future.

This paper adds an important perspective to rebuilding efforts, as the billions of rebuilding dollars present our city with a tremendous opportunity to address systemic inequalities while protecting all New Yorkers from future extreme weather events.  You can learn more about the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding here.