Sandy Regional Assembly: Immediate Recommendations for Rebuilding

The Sandy Regional Assembly released a report recommending how post-Sandy redevelopment can build from and support community-based planning efforts.  

The Sandy Regional Assembly's three goals are to: 

 1: Integrate regional rebuilding efforts with local resiliency priorities

 2: Address public health impacts on vulnerable communities

 3: Expand community-based climate change planning  

Through the lens of environmental and social justice, the Regional Assembly acknowledges the SIRR's strengths, critiques shortcomings and provides recommendations in moving forwards.  The Regional Assembly recommends that public agencies responsible for rebuilding: 

1. Demonstrate that recovery and resiliency planning efforts integrate community priorities and use transparent and democratic decision-making processes

2. Guarantee that NYC Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) integrate regional rebuilding efforts with local resiliency priorities

3. Require future New York City recovery and resiliency planning efforts to address the needs of the most vulnerable communities.

The full report can be found here .