OCTOBEr, 2015: crauderueff & associates leads harlem legacy project charrette

Crauderueff & Associates led a Charrette in partnership with the Canaan Baptist Church and the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities to redesign a twenty-block area in Harlem.  This Charrette completes Phase I of the neighborhood-scale redesign using green infrastructure, urban farming and solar energy to green this historic area of New York City.


OCTOBER, 2015: C&A ceo moderates international panel on green roof policy

C&A CEO Rob Crauderueff moderated a panel at the 13th annual Cities Alive conference on green roof policy best practices.  Representatives from the District of Columbia, Toronto, the NYC DEP, the NYC Office of Sustainability, and NYC Councilmember Levin shared learning lessons and opportunities for industry growth in NYC.

August, 2015: hudson companies and BRP development corp bring on C&A for green infrastructure project

Crauderueff & Associates is advising the Hudson Companies and BRP Developement Corp to design, fund and build green infrastructure and stormwater management features for more than an acre of land in the Bronx.  Features include green roofs, urban farming, permeable pavement, rainwater harvesting, and bioswale technologies.

JULY, 2015: C&A Trains chinese delegates in green building

C&A CEO Crauderueff & Associates trained twenty Chinese delegates in green building technologies, touring the award-winning green roof atop the Visionaire building in Lower Manhattan.

june, 2015: C&A closes first third-party financed solar thermal project in US Northeast

Crauderueff & Associates closed the first third-party financed solar thermal projects with client the Community League of the Heights this month.  Six solar thermal projects saving CLOTH more than $1M over 25 years will be built at zero up-front cost to CLOTH.

May, 2015: C&A Commissioned by harvard university for global blue-green infrastructure project


C&A CEO interviewed for Atlantic article about shared workspace: As Coworking Spaces Scale, Can They Keep Their Communal Vibe?


Fast Company tapped C&A expertise for it's green development article Keeping Down With The Joneses.

December, 2014: C&A leadership joins Harvard Blue-Green Infrastructure team

C&A CEO Robert Crauderueff is consulting for the Harvard Graduate School of Design to assess the development, successes and challenges of blue-green infrastructure in NYC.  

November, 2014:  C&A presents on the use of GIS to improve green roof policies

Robert Crauderueff presented an innovative methodology for utilizing spatial analysis and data analysis to improve green roof incentive programs in New York City and around the globe.  The presentation was given at the international Green Roof for Healthy Cities conference in Nashville, TN.

October, 2014: C&A CEO serves as School of Visual Arts design critic

C&A CEO Robert Crauderueff served as design critic for the SVA's Products of Design: Food Resiliency graduate level studio

September, 2014: C&A initiates feasibility study for Community League of the Heights

The Community League of the Heights (CLOTH) is engaging C&A to develop a feasibility study to retrofit its 36-building affordable housing portfolio for building improvement including energy and water efficiency, solar PV, solar hot water, green roof, and green back yard retrofits.  This project will support neighborhood-scale climate resiliency, improve public health, and will reduce CLOTH's operating expenses for these properties.  

August, 2014: Community Access engages C&A for new affordable housing project 

C&A's design & development team will support a planned 126-unit affordable & supportive housing project  in the Bronx for on-site energy generation, stormwater harvesting, and urban agriculture.  C&A will conduct cost-benefit analyses and provide design and programming support for the project.

 President of Crauderueff & Associates, Robert Crauderueff recently published an article in ICLIE’s Urban NEXUS’s study, Operationalizing the Urban NEXUS: towards resource-efficient and integrated cities and metropolitan regions. Crauderueff addressed both the successes and challenges of the Green Roof Initiative he launched in 2007, and identified how lessons could be adapted to other cities.

July, 2014: C&A President recommends that Lower Manhattan 'Digitize Water'  

C&A president Rob Crauderueff presented a framework for Lower Manhattan to 'digitize water' through the mapping, measurement, and evaluation of water flow and consumption.  This presentation, part of the Downtown Alliance's Big Ideas for Smart Cities panel series, will inform the Alliance's creation of a digital roadmap for Lower Manhattan.

May, 2014: C&A develops Green159 plan with client, Community League of the Heights (CLOTH)

C&A has created a holistic plan to green more than 30 properties owned by CLOTH, beginning with more than 10 properties along 159th Street in Washington Heights.  Community-based improvements will include urban agriculture, energy & water efficiency, solar energy, green roofs, and green back yards.  C&A will continue to support CLOTH through the feasibility analysis, design, implementation, and operations phases during this multi-year initiative.

April 22, 2014: C&A President moderates panel at international Vacant Acres Symposium  

C&A President Rob Crauderueff moderated the panel, Establishing Long Term Management: In Perpetuity, at this global conference.  The 2-day event was hosted by the Tishman Environment and Design Center at the New School and 596 Acres.

March, 2014: C&A article: green roof policy in New York City

C&A President Rob Craudueff published an article in the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities periodical, the Living Architecture Monitor (pp. 8-9), explaining benefits and challenges of NYC's extended green roof tax abatement program.   

November, 14 2013: C&A will present on equitable green infrastructure finance at Pratt

The presentation will be a partnership between the SWIM coalition and the Leaders in Environmental Advocacy at Pratt.  The event will take place at 9am.  For more information download the event flyer here.

October, 2013: C&A Presents strategy for achieving scale at Green Roofs for Healthy Cities   

At the 2013 GRHC conference in San Francisco, C&A President Rob Crauderueff presented a strategy for reducing the cost of green roofs while achieving scale in the Unites States.  He also moderated a panel that included the San Francisco Director of Current Planning and the city's Energy Director with respect to advancing green roof policy in the host city.


September 16, 2013: C&A Completes study, A Stormwater Management Framework for the Staten Island West Shore  

C&A submitted a baseline policy analysis and data inventory to advance stormwater management and economic development along the Staten Island West Shore.  The study was commissioned by the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation. 

July 8, 2013: C&A Contracted by Staten Island EDC to Analyze Stormwater Challenges

The Staten Island Economic Development Corporation contracted Crauderueff & Associates to develop a stormwater management framework for the West Shore Industrial Business Improvement District area. 


June 28th, 2013: Harvard Graduate School of Design Contracts Crauderueff & Associates for Climate Justice Project Research

C&A President Rob Crauderueff was contracted to assess climate adaptation planning efforts in U.S. coastal cities along the Northeast through the lens of environmental justice. 

June 21, 2013: NYC Green Roof Tax Abatement Passes State Legislature 

C&A President Rob Crauderueff worked with the Stormwater Infrastructure Matters coalition, green roof contractors, community stakeholders, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and elected officials to extend and improve the NYC green roof tax abatement.

June 8 to 15, 2013: Tour of Swiss green infrastructure policies & designs

C&A President Rob Crauderueff toured Swiss green roofs and green walls as member of international delegation.  


May 8, 2013: Linking Water Quality, Neighborhood Revitalization & Green Infrastructure

C&A President Rob Crauderueff explains how to use vacant land to manage stormwater as a panelist at this day-long conference. Kaplan Hall, SUNY-Orange Campus in Newburgh, NY.