Greening Vacant Lots: Planning & Implementation Strategies

The New York City Green Roof Tax Abatement: Policy Lessons

Urban Heat Island Mitigation  Can Improve New York City's Environment: Research on the Impacts of Mitigation Strategies

This study illuminates how ten leading cities plan, administer and implement programs that convert vacant lots to green space, particularly to advance storm water management goals.  Ten case studies trace program from the planning stages through implementation.  Effective practices are identified across cases, and recommendations are provided for the Philadelphia Water Department.  Conducted for The Nature Conservancy as part of the NatLab collaboration. 

This paper assesses the effectiveness of the New York City tax abatement.  After summarizing the benefits of a public incentive 'cost sharing' program, this study identifies administrative and economic barriers to program participants.  The paper concludes by recommending changes to the City of New York, and provides lessons for other cities interested in developing a cost sharing program.  Conducted for the NYC-based Stormwater Infrastructure Matters coalition.

This report reviews the environmental, economic and public health benefits of vegetative and highly reflective surfaces to New York City's environment.  Recommendations for the New York City are provided.  Conducted as a researcher at the Columbia Earth Institute for Sustainable South Bronx.