Crauderueff & Associates provides policy and planning services assisting government, nonprofit and corporate clients to transition to the green economy.  We focus on environmental infrastructure and climate adaptation services, including policy analysis, program evaluation,  land use planning, project development, scientific monitoring, green workforce development, and public education.    We provide an interdisciplinary urban planning perspective, focused on the intersection of public policy, land use planning, urban design, and implementation.

 Services we offer include:

  • Vacant land re-use as community space and stormwater management: policies and practices
  • Green roof policy, program development & evaluation
  • Greenstreets policies, planning and monitoring
  • Maintenance policies & practices
  • Partnership building, including public private partnerships and watershed- and neighborhood – based collaboration
  • Watershed and neighborhood-scale green infrastructure plans
  • Program evaluation
  • Best practices: national & international models
  • Case studies
  • Project monitoring
  • Workforce development support
  • Certifications, links with industry
  • Business development support: support the growth of small businesses in the green infrastructure fields; advance business buy-in of green infrastructure policies & practices
  • Education & training

Additional services include:

  • Climate adaptation planning
  • Green workforce & business development strategies
  • Green industry planning
  • Urban agriculture
  • Alternative energy policy & planning