Portfolio Analysis:

Crauderueff & Associates saves property owners money by reducing operating expenses for existing buildings.  Using our proven Green Excellence Matrix "GEM" methodology, we analyze building portfolios for solar energy, battery storage, energy efficiency, green infrastructure, and urban farming opportunities.   We identify the best set of technologies for your portfolio and community, conduct economic analyses of anticipated costs and savings, and identify external funding for project implementation.  We secure third-party financing to build solar energy on your buildings for zero up-front cost.  We also secure external funding for green infrastructure, substantially reducing project costs.  For community- based clients, we provide workforce development and social entrepreneurship opportunities for each project.

New Development Projects:

We develop blue-green infrastructure systems for new development projects and existing communities.  Blue-green infrastructure refers to the interaction of green space and water management.  We design, finance, install, and maintain blue-green infrastructure systems for new development projects.  Technologies include green roofs, rain gardens, urban farming, rain water harvesting systems, constructed wetlands, and street trees designed for water management (also known as bioswales).   

Our approach is people-centric, as we integrate active and passive uses into our designs and programming while minimizing maintenance requirements.  In the context of a changing climate, we emphasize resilient design that accounts for the increasing frequency and intensity of rain events and heat waves our communities can expect over the next several decades.


Crauderueff & Associates provides clients with land use, watershed, community, and business development planning assistance. We conduct joint analyses that assess the needs of communities and businesses, understand land use trends, and anticipate the flow of water. Our services include existing conditions assessments, zoning analyses, strategic planning, and implementation assistance.

Policy Analysis:

We provide policy and planning services to support the implementation of blue and green infrastructure practices at a large scale, in the context of broader development goals. We assist clients to systematically overcome implementation barriers, reduce project costs, develop context - appropriate incentives and regulations, and build partnerships across sectors.  We emphasize the need to develop inclusive policies that account for the specialized impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities.