Why solar for Affordable housing?

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Affordable housing provides a great opportunity for developing solar at the portfolio scale.  Single organizations own multiple sites, enabling aggregation.  Frequently, numerous sites are clustered within a neighborhood, strengthening economies of scale.  Affordable housing organizations are experts in real estate development and management, skills which are transferable to solar energy systems.


crauderueff & assocIates + Enterprise Community PartnerS: solar Technical assistance

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Crauderueff and Enterprise have partnered to develop solar with affordable housing providers in New York State.  Our partnership has grown from a shared commitment to creating exceptional value for affordable housing owners through solar energy projects.  

Crauderueff provides unique financing opportunities for property owners to generate value among the umbrella organization, housing entity, and tenants.

We provide owner’s representation and project management support from project inception through completion.  We expand the capacity of the affordable housing developer while ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget.